Have code that needs refactoring? Specs that need writing?
I'm looking for interesting junior Rails work in SF/Bay Area:

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Well Hello


I'm Andrew, a web developer in San Francisco that uses the Ruby on Rails framework to build great web apps. (You can see a few of my projects on Heroku here.)

I thinkā€¦

In a now foreign-seeming previous life, I practiced journalism, most recently writing multimedia stories on bicyclists at A New Bike.


I'm looking for interesting Rails work right now in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I'd like to work for a ruby-laser-product-focused startup where I could develop into an all levels of the stack growth hacker.

If you have something that might be interesting, or you want to talk Typhoon/Tesla/Testing:

Flash Cards

Finally, I'm a huge advocate of using flashcards and Space Based Repetition for learning almost anything. I currently use them for web development, Spanish and memorizing elusive birth dates.